top diet sodas January 2018

it's time for an exciting update to my top 7 favorite diet sodas!

1. pepsi max taste zero sugar: what is the name of this soda now? so confused. either way it's GREAT. this is my daily driver of soda best taste

2. ‎pibb zero: found it at five guys. not just in movie theaters now. technically this might be my favorite right now, but it's mostly because of the unicorn nature of it's existence

3. ‎diet coke ginger lime: new addition to this list! plus tall cans make me feel cool 

4. ‎coke zero sugar: good soda. available in lots of cool restaurants. not my favorite by any stretch, but still brings me joy with my chipotle. you could include the vanilla or cherry versions of this around here too. they're good, but I don't know if they warrant an extra mention 

5. ‎diet coke: this one was weird for me. I have always hated diet coke, but a few run-ins with it at Mexican restaurants have helped me turn a corner. I actually like it, I don't just tolerate it 

6. diet dr. pepper: I don't really drink this anymore. I have fond memories of it, but I think my tastes have changed 

7. ‎diet pepsi: what happened with this? how is pepsi zero at the top and this at the bottom? why is it so bad? is it because it's aspartame free? get it back! this is the worst diet soda I will still drink if I have to with a meal. 

8. ‎fresca: I used to think I liked fresca but I can't stand it now. also I exclusively drink soda with caffeine

The Future: writing this list has helped me realize I have so much more to try! diet barq's (the only root beer with caffeine), the new diet cherry coke (is this different?), and of course, Tab!