Quitting Facebook - A Success Story

My ploy to quit Facebook didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to (I quickly figured out that I can just Google "Facebook" and to there to avoid my block). Yet that extra step has kept me from going there as often. I usually only go there when I get an email about something now. Which is great. I always knew that Facebook wasn't very rewarding, but since it was on my bookmarks bar, I would click it every couple minutes. I still update my status to Facebook via Ping.fm, though, usually with jokes.

Which reminds me, seriously guys, "Master of Marital Arts" Mare it ull. You ruined my joke.

My tumblr has taken over as the thing I open every 3 seconds. But I can tell when I've come to the things I've already seen, so it's okay for now.

But friends! I still want to know what you're doing. Make a blog or something to let me know. Post some pictures of the robot you built or come up with a more frequently updated rival comic.