Scott Pilgrim vs. The Box Office

I almost never go out to see movies. They're just too expensive and I cannot support that industry. I usually wait until they come out on DVD to watch.

I made an exception, however, for Scott Pilgrim since it looked like the movie I've been writing in my head for years and also because I'm in love with Michael Cera Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

I saw this movie three times and apparently it tanked in the box office. So much for voting with my wallet. I've been disillusioned for a while about voting in political elections, but I thought the one true thing that transcended politics was money. Mine just wasn't enough.

Scott Pilgrim was a fantastic movie and I highly suggest that everyone see it on the big screen; it's the only thing that does the stunning graphics justice. The problem is I think that no one who doesn't already understand the lifestyle will see this movie. This is not a movie that works hard to branch out to new audiences.

Scott Pilgrim will not be featured on Best Things Ever because Nick won't let me. The Biggest Fan Podcast did an episode on Scott Pilgrim and that should be enough for anyone. Check it out.


P.S. Biggest Fan will be featured on Best Things Ever someday... It's that good.

P.P.S. Even though I linked to Biggest Fan Podcast's site, it's pretty useless. Just look up Biggest Fan in iTunes.

Gif via Paul Robertson used without permission.