Possession List

I spend a lot of my time thinking about minimalism. First it was just as a design principle, but soon it became a way to approach living. For years I've read mnmlist and tried to adapt Leo Babauta's ideas into my own life. I just did an exercise I made up in which I list major possessions and get rid of anything I don't want.

Possessions of note:

  • PS2 and accessories and games
  • Wii and accessories and games
  • PSP and accessories and games
  • Nintendo DS and accessories and games
  • HP PC with Windows 7
  • Bamboo Pen + Touch Tablet
  • Microsoft HD Life Webcam
  • Cheap-o Microphone (looking to upgrade for podcast setup)
  • 32 inch Olevia LCD TV
  • HP Printer Scanner Copier
  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (one dongle!)
  • Canon Rebel XS DSLR
  • T-Mobile MyTouch 4G (with unlimited data)
  • One backup phone (for when I drop this one)
  • One Full Size Bed
  • Four Armchairs (uncomfortable)
  • Two Ottomans
  • One Refrigerator
  • One Space Heater
  • Some Clothes
  • Some Tools
  • One Yoga Mat

As you can see, I have no shortage of tech, but most of that coincides with my hobbies (video games, drawing) or hopeful hobbies (photography, podcasting). For someone who is interested in tech and video games, this is really a just the basics.

You may notice that there is a lack of books listed here. That's because I recently boxed them all up. I very rarely go back to books, and the ones I had in two bookshelves were simply visual clutter. I plan on sending most of them into storage and setting up a small shelf of the books I'm currently reading.

I believe I could do without the data plan on my phone, but I wouldn't want to have a less featured device. I use my phone as my calendar, mp3 player, GPS, as well as phone duties. I know I could split these jobs into separate devices, but one of my favorite parts of minimalism is not carring around a bunch of stuff (I'm still working on eliminating my keys).

Everything else is officially garbage.


Edit: For clarity, my computer is hooked to my television. It is not a laptop. I like to sit back about 5 feet from my monitor to (possibly? I'm not a doctor) avoid eyestrain. It also makes watching internet videos more awesome.