Create a Quick Whiteboard on the Cheap Using Hardware Store Paneling

Important Notes
Whether you're planning a heist or a shopping trip, a clean surface to jot down your thoughts is always useful. White boards are perfect for temporary notes and large boards can be used to present to an audience. The problem is large white boards can be expensive, sometimes running up to $150. However, using hardware store paneling, it is possible to attach a good size white board to a wall for under $15.

Paneling Section
Acquire Materials

Find the wood paneling section in your local hardware store and locate a nice flat whiteboard surface. The Lowes in my town stocks "Mark-R-Board" for just under $11.

Mirror Holders or Mirror Clips
Now ask a store employee to help you find "Mirror Holders" or "Mirror Clips". These will secure the white board to the wall. I found that four clips were enough for me, but depending on the size of the board you purchase, more may be needed.

Measure, level, and attach the board to the wall

Find the height you want to use the board. Mark two (or more) points at this height in pencil on the wall. Consider whether you want to be standing to use your white board and how hard it is to reach the top of the board.

Make sure the bottom points are level and screw the plastic mirror hangers into the wall. Set the board in the space created by the hangers and attach two more to the wall at the top of the board.

Attached to the wall
Enjoy Your Whiteboard!

The white board is ready. Buy a pack of markers, an eraser, and some cleaning solution and get to markering.

Huge Whiteboard!
Make Yours Better

Unfortunately, this white board does not accomodate magnets, but it was amazingly easy to create at a fraction of what they usually cost. My white board is 48" x 32", but it is possible to make one much larger without much of a price bump. I found a 4' x 8' piece in the paneling section for $12. Just don't forget to buy more mirror clips.