Purchase a Hinged Shadowbox Display Case to Keep Your Devices Dust Free and Easily Accessible

While smartphones are becoming Swiss Army Knives of productivity, many of us still have separate devices for specific tasks. Usually these devices sit on our desks taking up space and collecting dust. With the help of a shadow box from your local crafts store you can display these devices in style, while keeping them within arms reach.

Find the framing section of your local crafts store and look for a hinged shadow box. The hinge is important, since many display cases are closed with clips on the back like a picture frame.

You will also need a piece of black foam to line the bottom of the case. Make sure it is big enough to cover the entire bottom.

If your box came with a piece of paper inside, keep that to measure the size of the foam. Cut the foam to fit and place it inside.

The box pictured is unfinished wood. I plan to paint it black on the next dry day. If you paint your box, remember to cover the glass with painters tape. However, you can avoid painting altogether with a prefinished jewelry display case.