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Christmas Update

I received this in the mail today so I'm posting it here. Seems appropriate.

Seriously, I hope to make some stuff that is postable soon. And SOMEDAY I will make a podcast.

Thanks friends and Merry Christmas.


Quitting Facebook - A Success Story

My ploy to quit Facebook didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to (I quickly figured out that I can just Google "Facebook" and to there to avoid my block). Yet that extra step has kept me from going there as often. I usually only go there when I get an email about something now. Which is great. I always knew that Facebook wasn't very rewarding, but since it was on my bookmarks bar, I would click it every couple minutes. I still update my status to Facebook via, though, usually with jokes.

Which reminds me, seriously guys, "Master of Marital Arts" Mare it ull. You ruined my joke.

My tumblr has taken over as the thing I open every 3 seconds. But I can tell when I've come to the things I've already seen, so it's okay for now.

But friends! I still want to know what you're doing. Make a blog or something to let me know. Post some pictures of the robot you built or come up with a more frequently updated rival comic.


Rants #1

Games I'm playing at the moment:

Viewtiful JoeSuper Mario SunshineKiller7Final Fantasy XIIPokemon Diamond
I've been thinking about RPGs lately and what makes people want to play them. So far my experience with them has been pretty awful. I suppose I'll have to finish Final Fantasy X and X-2 before I can say anything, since those are popular, but I don't see what people like about them.

In my mind the things an RPG has to offer is Story and Character Development. From the start, this sounds like a genre of games I could really get into. The problem is, in every RPG I've ever played, the story seems totally worthless. In Pokemon there's almost no development, since the player doesn't have any voice. In fact the "characters" you get to know the best are your Pokemon (who don't have any serious impact on the story) and your Rivals, e.g. Barry or Gary or Blue or whatever you named him and Team Rocket/Galactic.

When you meet Team Galactic they have s…

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Box Office

I almost never go out to see movies. They're just too expensive and I cannot support that industry. I usually wait until they come out on DVD to watch.

I made an exception, however, for Scott Pilgrim since it looked like the movie I've been writing in my head for years and also because I'm in love with Michael Cera Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

I saw this movie three times and apparently it tanked in the box office. So much for voting with my wallet. I've been disillusioned for a while about voting in political elections, but I thought the one true thing that transcended politics was money. Mine just wasn't enough.

Scott Pilgrim was a fantastic movie and I highly suggest that everyone see it on the big screen; it's the only thing that does the stunning graphics justice. The problem is I think that no one who doesn't already understand the lifestyle will see this movie. This is not a movie that works hard to branch out to new audiences.

Scott Pilgrim will not be…

Quitting Facebook

I've been working on ending my Facebook addiction. I moved the bookmark, which worked for a while. Now it's time for the next step. I've removed the bookmark entirely. But that won't stop me. No, I'm clever. I type at 95 words a minute and typing in "" every few minutes will barely faze me. Using Google Chrome's search keyword feature I've changed "facebook" and "" to reroute me to this page. I hope it works.

P.S. If you still want to friend me on Facebook, that's fine. I will still use it to look up numbers and birthdays of people and so I have Facebook set to email me whenever anything happens. Otherwise I'd much rather you join me on Tumblr, email me, or comment here on this site.



Update: Twitter.


Guys, I used to be part of an Elite Kite Flying Team called KiteFuck. Here was something I drew to be our insignia (though we never voted on it)

I'd like to start that team again. I just miss being a part of something great.

You can find more info about KiteFuck on Facebook.