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I can't say enough good things about the music streaming service Audiogalaxy. While Amazon, Google, and Apple get their act together to create a music streaming service, Audiogalaxy offers everything you need, without a subscription.

"It feels so good." -Blaine Brown Audiogalaxy works by making music on your computer available on the internet. This does require you to keep a computer on at home running the app. This works well for me since I recently built my family a home media server.

Android and iPhone apps are available and given a reasonable data connection, it works flawlessly. I got my sister to get the app, and soon I will get my parents to do so as well. This way, we can all have our music on one computer (with the huge hard drives) and listen to what we each prefer.

Audiogalaxy also has a "genie" mode, which is similar to Pandora. You seed the playlist with one or a few songs that you like and it keeps the playlist running with related music. The dif…

Remap Fn Key Functionality

Short answer: you probably can't.

I recently purchased a new keyboard and mouse combo from Logitech: the K520. The one I chose was the one that looked the most standard (I would've rather gotten a mac keyboard, but those wireless ones don't have numpads). I failed to notice the Fn key that takes the place of both the Context Menu key and the Right Windows key. I spent most of last night scouring the internet looking for a way to remap this key to a Windows key (who uses the context menu key anyway?).

I already knew that the function key, by itself, does not send a signal to the computer. I had hoped, however, that Logitech provided some sort of key combo feature that I could at least tell it to pretend Fn + Left Arrow was Win + Left Arrow. But the Fn functionality seems to be hardware based, and the only configuration I could tell it was to ignore the signal of the preprogrammed functions or not.

Anyway, give up all hope. I really need to find a standard wireless keyboard…