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What's your pseudiac sign?


Problem: I don't want to carry around keys! They either poke me if they're in my pocket or they jangle when clipped to my hip. This is my genius idea to get rid of them forever!
Required materials:Prepaid cell phone with ability to assign specific ringtones to contacts.Motor to turn deadboltSome wire Procedure: So the idea is, you'd set your personal cell phone number to a personalized ringtone that would be "vibrate," and be sure to set everyone else to "not vibrate." Disconnect the vibration motor and hook it to turn the deadbolt motor on. So when you called the "home number" from your phone, it would turn the deadbolt and let you in! If anyone else called it would not.
Uses:You don't have to carry keys around anymore, you can just call to gain entrance.Need someone to watch your cat while you're on vacation? You don't need to give them the key, just give add them to the address book.If you want to leave a key in your car or som…

Possession List

I spend a lot of my time thinking about minimalism. First it was just as a design principle, but soon it became a way to approach living. For years I've read mnmlist and tried to adapt Leo Babauta's ideas into my own life. I just did an exercise I made up in which I list major possessions and get rid of anything I don't want.

Possessions of note:

PS2 and accessories and gamesWii and accessories and gamesPSP and accessories and gamesNintendo DS and accessories and gamesHP PC with Windows 7Bamboo Pen + Touch TabletMicrosoft HD Life WebcamCheap-o Microphone (looking to upgrade for podcast setup)32 inch Olevia LCD TVHP Printer Scanner CopierLogitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (one dongle!)Canon Rebel XS DSLRT-Mobile MyTouch 4G (with unlimited data)One backup phone (for when I drop this one)One Full Size BedFour Armchairs (uncomfortable)Two OttomansOne RefrigeratorOne Space HeaterSome ClothesSome ToolsOne Yoga Mat
As you can see, I have no shortage of tech, but most of th…

Reflections on Earth Hour

didn't participate in Earth Hour yesterday (because it's stupid), but it did get me thinking (which is probably the point). I am already somewhat energy conscious. For example I have things I use infrequently on separate power strips so that I can turn them off when they're not in use. This includes my PS2, Wii, and chargers for my DS and PSP. I feel like this is just common power management.

Anyway, I wasn't home for Earth Hour and I thought about all that was running at home with no one there: 4 computers. I believe this is a remnant of the early Windows XP era, in which you always disabled the "Sleep" option on every computer you used. Anything could happen when a computer returned from sleep! The wireless card could have stopped working, all your programs probably crashed, and it was slow from some incorrectly stored memory from running programs. You might as well have turned the thing off, but starting a Windows machine still takes too long for me since…