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Cards Against Humanity - No Good

I hate Cards Against Humanity. They were playing it in anime club (I also hate everyone in anime club).

It all started when one of the openly gay members of anime club ran into a room saying, "Who wants to go to hell? We're all going to be racist and sexist!" I mention his sexuality only because 1.) he did and 2.) the irony of his insensitivity. He cleared off a table and they all began to play.

I don't have any friends in anime club (or anywhere else, really), so I sat nearby and watched. Eight white kids and one black kid circled around and started passing our cards. "It's okay to send the racist cards to him," the leader, who also claims to be a stand up comedian, said. "He's the only black guy here so it's not racist."

To this I said, "Wait, doesn't that make it more racist?"

"That's what makes it funny!" the black guy exclaimed.

I laughed uneasily. What was I going to say to that? I'm a white dude,…

xkcd Click and Drag - All Images

When I saw xkcd 1110 I thought it was pretty cool, but I found it tedious to constantly drag. I inspected the html source, and then some javascript code to try and find the pattern for naming the images. I enlisted the help of my friend Nick, a programmer at Action Button Entertainment. He edited some of the js and made a php file that shows all of them. I then used HTTrack to download that file and all the files referenced. I packaged the directory into a zip which you can take.

Please someone put this in a google maps format or something.

Note: You'll notice a lot of the images are 404 html files. That's because Randall Munroe wisely reused the white and black tiles. Therefore these files are either white or black.

Download the zip file here.

Pixel Art Background

Working on pixel art today. Man, I could use some tacos after all this.

Rants #2

Apparently [on Tumblr] you can't reblog yourself. WHY ARE ALL THESE LIMITATIONS ON WEB SERVICES?! Someday I'll make my own social network. It will be a service you can install on your own website and your friends can join. But! it's a protocol that can talk to other sites that host that service. Think like email. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and even Schools and Organizations all have their own version of email, but they can all talk to each other! how great would that be? So like in my idea, people can use tumblr if they want to host their social media. Or they could use missing e. Or they could host it on their own website (like I would use Anyway, this is how things should work. The only reason services don't do this is because they want to be able to sell you ads and have control over your information. Boo.