Spring Semester 2013 Wrap Up

I had the opportunity to make a lot of cool things this semester. I'm going to feature them all in this post.

Digital Writing

I got to make two websites for my Digital Writing class (yes, I can make a more complicated site than black text on a white background). One is about comedy writing, and some of the underlying structure with characters. You can view those pages here: Comedy Writing (transposed into a blogpost).

I recorded how the website looked, but it is no longer live in its original form. Video here!

The other website was my submitted as my final exam. It is only one page. I made a mock video game hardware review site and I reviewed my favorite controller: the Mini Pro EX controller for Xbox 360 by Power A (transposed into a blogpost).

I think the site is really beautiful. Video here!

Topics in Gaming

For my gaming class we had to maintain a wiki. I took the chance to go more in-depth into my favorite games. This had been updated on the Top Games page.

I have already posted one of my papers for Gaming about Super Mario 3D Land. Here is my other paper on Ridiculous Fishing.

For our final project, we were tasked to make a game. I chose to make some custom levels for Super Mario World using romhacking tool Lunar Magic. I have posted a playthrough of the game below.

Some Promotional Materials