Don't Buy the New iPhone

Apple revealed the new iPhone 4S yesterday. Slimmer, better camera, better antenna.

That's it? Listen, I understand why you want the new iPhone. I've been there. I thought it would make my life better. Now I only have to carry around one thing! It's my mp3 player, gps, and phone all in one. Plus I can search the web on the go! I can be always connected.

Always connected.

How often in a one on one conversation do you pull out your phone? If not you, then your companion? The draw of being always connected affects us all. We cling to knowing whether the people we talk to online are reading our stuff. Do they like it? Did they comment on it? Even when a real person is right in front of us.

iPhone 4S (source)
The new iPhone is a slight upgrade to the hardware. And it's another step closer to the nebulous internet, and a step away from the people around you.

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