PlaySpent: An Educational Game

It's generally known that educational games do not work. They are often subsidized by governments, kids are forced to complete them, and they never accomplish their goals to instruct. This is because video games are an emotional medium. It's not that games cannot teach facts, it's that in order to do so an emotional connection must be made that affects the player.

Playspent is an interesting attempt to bridge the gap between emotional connection and fact. In it you play as an American citizen. The simulation saddles you with a fictitious family and presents you with decisions that must be made for them. The game gives you the opportunity to get a job.

I chose the best job I could find, but maybe less stable?
If you choose the job of "temp" then the game asks you to type something accurately and quickly to prove you can do the job.
Yay! I got a job.  Many Americans
don't have the skills I have.
Once you find out whether you got the job a message appears that asks if you want to opt for health insurance.

Health insurance is expensive.

After your choice an informative pop up appears:

Let's hope you don't get sick!
As you can see the game has a way to connect the real facts about America with you the player of a fictitious game.

Try it here.