MasterQuesting II

Master Quest Title Screen (source)
Please read MasterQuesting I before reading this.

The scene is set. A switch triggered torch on one side. An unlit torch on the other. Spiky pole and water in the center. Knowing that Master Quest was supposed to be more challenging, we assumed the hardest possible conclusion.
Diagram of the Situation
We got the Tektite's attention and got him to come over to where we were. We waited for the platform to be moving towards us and we hit the switch. We lit the stick and jumped onto the platform. If we timed it right the Tektite would hit us and knock us through the spiky pole (in our short time of invincibility after taking damage) and we could jump to the other side and light the torch. This had to be the answer. There was no other way to accomplish it! We tried this several times and found it to be extremely hard to pull off. Eventually, we succeeded.

This was the best possible thing. It was challenging in a way that was specific to Zelda fans. You had to understand the exact mechanics of the game so well that small timeframes of invincibility came into play.

See MasterQuesting III for more.