MasterQuesting I

Master Quest Title Screen (source)
My friend and I tried to play Legend of Zelda: Master Quest a little while ago. Master Quest is exactly like Ocarina of Time, except all the dungeons are different. They are "more challenging." We were unaware of what this meant, but we hoped it was good because the original Ocarina of Time (or any Zelda game for that matter) is not very difficult.

Blue Tektite
With the promise of challenge we completed the original fetch quest for sword and shield and headed over to the Great Deku Tree. Taking turns we ascended the initial level of the Deku tree and entered a room with a pool of water separating the two sides of the room. On our side, an unlit torch and a switch. On the other side a torch and the locked door to the next room. In the center, just above water level, a spiky pole and a platform that moved back and forth. There was also a blue Tektite in the water.

We hit the switch to test what it did. It turned on the flame near us. It was clear that we needed to get to the other side with a lit torch to proceed. We tried lighting a stick and swimming: the flame went out. We tried jumping on the platform, but the pain of the spike knocked us back into the water. We were stuck, we didn't know what to do.

Diagram of the Situation
Take a moment to think about what you would do before reading MasterQuesting Part II.